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Paul Sletten, Executive Chef

My first job in a restaurant was as a busboy when I was sixteen. I would get excited for the few moments each day I would spend in the kitchen bugging the chefs with questions, trying to help, and sometimes just watching. Then I would take what I had learned home and try it out on my mother. People say she must have been lucky to have a young chef at home, but my mom probably remembers it differently. While some meals were good, some were definitely not. No matter how good or bad, I always made a mess of the place (sorry mom).

However, in the end one thing is true: I love to cook and love to share it with others. Since then my career has been full of great people, experiences and of course food. My life is food focused and after my amazing family it is the most important thing in my life.

My career really began in 1996 when I began working with the late Philippe Forcioli at Café Patou. At Patou under Chef Philippe I learned most of my foundational skills along with a true love of the restaurant business. At the same time I was also enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program at Blackhawk Tech, small school but a great program with talented chefs. After 5 years at Café Patou and school done I began my new career as chef and business owner with Dinner Parties by Paul. This time in my career was very scary but exciting.

After 3 years of growing my small catering business in 2006 I opened my first restaurant Abreo (originally called Brio). Then in 2010 I opened my second restaurant Social. Both restaurants along with our catering and private events focus on great local ingredients, amazing guest experiences and innovation. I am extremely proud to join The Standard as Executive Chef. All events at The Standard will receive the same attention to quality local ingredients and exceptional guest experiences we provide in the restaurants.