Chicago Suburbs Wedding Venues

Chicago Suburbs Wedding Venues

How To Choose Chicago Suburbs Wedding Venues

While almost every aspect of planning a wedding is optional, the venue of the occasion is something that cannot be skipped. After all, you have to find somewhere for your family and friends to gather and celebrate with you. This is a guide on how to choose Chicago Suburbs Wedding Venues. The reason for this guide is to lessen the hassle of choosing Chicago Suburbs Wedding Venues as this isn’t an easy task.

There are many options in this part of the city to choose from. No matter what you want whether you want a stunning barn, a cozy restaurant or an elegant ballroom, Chicago’s suburbs have many venues to choose from. So before you initiate your search to choose from the Chicago Suburbs Wedding Venues available, carefully consider the below factors:


What kind of event do you want? Do you want something informal or formal? Is it a traditional or modern, style party? Is it going to hold during the night or the day? Will it be indoors or outdoors? Will you be having a gourmet food a deal breaker or garden ceremony? By identifying the exact geographical area within range and other elements of what you want your dream wedding to be before you can start looking for a venue. It will be much easier to narrow down your search for a location.


Parking is a critical factor. Make sure you are aware of how the parking arrangements will be handled. A map is an effective supplement to a wedding invitation, and there is usually enough space on it to indicate the direction and pattern of how vehicles should be parked. It is essential to point out that depending on your location, and you might want to add notes suggesting carpooling or a shuttle service.

Geographical Location

For most couples, it is important that their location is easily accessible for the majority of guests who will be attending. However, whether you are hosting your wedding close to home or it will be a destination wedding, you will need to consider the logistics of getting every guest to your event’s venue.

Weather Factor

The weather is usually a major factor when it comes to picking wedding locations. Especially if you are planning to have the wedding outdoors. Celebrating under the sun is great. However, when the mercury rises in the inland regions, watch out. Canopies or tables and umbrellas are a must for screening the sun. You should ask the facility’s manager about the direction and intensity of the sun with strict consideration at the time of the day and month you want your event to take place. Your guests won’t be comfortable facing the sun during your ceremony.

Guest Count

How many people do intend to invite to the occasion? Most wedding venues request a rough estimate as early as 60–90 days before your function. They will want a deposit according to any figure you give them. Once your guest count is confirmed you will be required to submit the figure 72 hours before the ceremony. It is important to give a solid estimate of what your guest list will be early as this allows you to plan your budget based on the selected reception spot for the ceremony.


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